A Tearful Goodbye from
Lolly the Trolley

Announcing our permanent closure

It is with great sadness that Sherrill Witt and Peter Paul, owners and co-founders of Lolly the Trolley announce the permanent closure of the company, effective May 16, 2022.

A 37-year love affair

Since 1985 Trolley Tours of Cleveland and Lolly the Trolley have served the Cleveland and northeast Ohio areas with great joy and enthusiasm. It has been a 37-year love affair between our city and the more than 150 brilliant and dedicated employees who shared entertaining and educational stories about Cleveland to millions of citizens and visitors, while also providing top-notch customer service for thousands of events. Our office personnel treated customers like family and our maintenance staff kept Lolly safe and sparkling clean.

Thank you!

We will miss the millions of customers who came to know us over the years.  We want to say a fond good-bye and a special “Thank You” for all your kindness and loyal support.

  • To the more than 4,000 Brides who invited Lolly to their Special Day – we say THANK YOU!
  • To the more than 300,000 Students of all ages who experienced the fun and excitement of visiting downtown Cleveland – we say THANK YOU!
  • To the thousands of Reunions, Birthday Parties, This Is Your Life parties and other family events and celebrations you let us join – we say THANK YOU!
  • To our sports teams who invited us to be part of their fan support and their All-Star and Championship Events – we say THANK YOU.
  • To our Non-Profit Partners who invited us to make their events better – because everything is more fun on a Trolley! – we say THANK YOU.
  • To our Colleges and Universities who asked us to help them attract talent, raise money, orient new students and entertain alumni – we say THANK YOU.
  • It was with great pride that we were part of the Peace Officers Memorial Parade in honor of those who gave their lives for our community and we THANK YOU.
  • To the many Cities, Villages and Communities who asked us to be in their parades and shuttle guests for their events – we say THANK YOU.
  • Lolly got to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day for 35+years and there were often 8 trolleys in the parade – THANK YOU.

The joys of the Holiday Lights Rides during December let us bring families together for a sparkling night-time view of our city and we THANK YOU our customers for coming back year after year, and the City of Cleveland and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance for their annual displays.

Lolly the Trolley and her wonderful employees worked hard every day to share positive information about the past, present and future as Cleveland turned into the city we knew it could become over these past 37 years. Our tours changed minds and hearts for people from around the country and around the world. We are so proud of our beautiful City on the Lake and we wish you a continued bright future.

Sherrill Witt and Peter Paul